Kittens with toys


I've been asked for more kitten pictures, and who am I to deny their fan base? The kittens are all scheduled to go to their new homes this coming weekend (just before their 8 week birthday), so I guess we'd better get the cute in while we can.

Last night when I got home, I opened a package from the mail my cats were VERY interested in. A bunch of new felted wool toys, packed in catnip! What could be better?

First, mama got in on the toy action.

illy with toy

illy with toy 2

She wouldn't let Atticus have a turn at all.

Then I tossed a felted mouse into the cat room, and Feliz instantly monopolized it.

feliz with toy

feliz with toy 2

The other kittens didn't get much of a chance, but I did get some cute pictures of Noel and Holly anyway.



And finally, one more of Feliz, post-nip.


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