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(This is the third installment of my contribution to the OTHER mother's blog carnival.)

Most people, I suspect, don't think of their houses as borrowed. Maybe you do if you rent. But when I face a mortgage statement every month that tells me how much money we still owe on our house, you can bet it feels borrowed to me. So I thought I'd use this "something borrowed" to introduce you all to my house, which is something I wanted to do anyway.

front entrance

What you see here is the front door and entrance hallway, as seen from inside the house (the living room). The unusual tile floor is a product of the previous owners, who did it themselves. It's kind of one of those things you either really like or really don't. Personally I love it, but I think we may re-do it before trying to sell in order to appeal to a broader audience. On the left wall you can barely see a piece of local art, on the right wall is an ugly candle holder I should take down and a collage photo frame of pictures of Mark and I through the years that I gave him for Christmas a couple of years ago. You can also see our second (third?) attempt at keeping a bamboo plant alive. And on the floor you can see Ata's bowl--for some reason, this is one of his spots in the house.

living room 1

If you were to turn around from where the last picture was taken and move slightly to the left, this is what you'd see--the living room, where we spend most of our time. The floor, as I mentioned yesterday, is less-than-attractive uncovered concrete. But it's practical right now. Again you can see local art on the walls, and our ridiculous and space-hogging TV-stereo set up. The old wooden trunk we use as a coffee table is something we inherited when our good friends moved to Europe, and I am so in love with it I can't even tell you. The couch is inherited from the same folks. The chair is remarkably ugly and I'd love to replace it. My favorite thing about the room is the French doors, which you can see at the left. There are actually three sets of them going across the room, and they are so fabulous I can't even tell you.

If you were taking the previous picture, your back would be against this built-in bookshelf.

built in

From the other side of the living room, it looks like this.

living room 2

More local art, new Ikea lighting, cool wine bar.

On one side of the living room is the kitchen, which is the most interesting part of the house, I think, so I'll show you a few views.

kitchen 1

This is the kitchen as taken from one end.

kitchen 2

As taken from the other end.

The details:

kitchen floor

Similar tile floor to the entry hall.

kitchen cabinets

Groovy hand-carved cabinets.

kitchen sink side

Open shelving over windows, poured concrete counter tops, sink side.

kitchen stove side

More open shelving and concrete counters, stove side.

If you go back through the living room, there's a hall, of which there are three bedrooms and a bathroom. At the far left is the master bedroom.

master 1

From the doorway, it looks like this. There is another set of French doors just like the ones in the living room, which is really nice. There is also a bathroom off it, but I don't have a picture of that. It's where the kittens have been living.

master closet

It also has a closet, which looks, embarrassingly enough, like this.

The next room down the hall is the guest bedroom.

guest room 1

This is what it looks like from the doorway. The pineapple light fixtures are also a hold-over from the previous owners, and they really, really need to go.

The guest room also has a much more organized closet (go Elfa!).

guest closet

Across the hall from the guest room is the bathroom. Where you can usually find one or more cats.


Finally, at the end of the hall, there is an office. It is a complete disaster.


One day, it will be clean.

That's it! Thanks for visiting my borrowed house!


Damn. I love the colors, the carved cabinets blow my mind. Those ones above the sink look like they open from the other side, is that right?
Gotta love any house with so much character even if some of that character is a little "crazy".

Actually no, they have windows behind them. Which is kind of an odd design, but actually works out really well.

PLEASE don't rip out the floor! Anyone who loves all the other arty touches would give you way more for the house with the awesome floor! The awesome floor's destruction makes me sad!

I love your house! Great use of color and bold decorating and paint. I don't have the guts for that!

Love love love that kitchen!

That was fun! I love looking at people's houses.

Living in a cold clime, I shivered at the concrete floor and countertop, but can totally see how they work where you live. I love your cabinets.

If your r/e agent says it will be an easier sell with uniform floors, a way to cover, but not damage the funky flooring is to put a floating laminate floor over it. It isn't secured anywhere and if you pull it up, the original floor is still there.

My house seriously lacks art on the walls.

Great place! I love all the colours and stuff on the walls. I am the kind of person who buys a painting or mirror and then lets it sit on the floor waiting to be hung for three years. Sigh.

Oh wow, what a great kitchen! I googled how to put shelving in front of a kitchen window and found your site. I have a tiny guest cottage that I am updating for renters, and the tiny galley kitchen needs some more storage. I am sooo doing this! Love your floors also!

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