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(This is my second post for the OTHER mother's carnival.)

Last night, in a small corner of the world about which not all that many people care, history was made. Something new happened.

A beagle won Westminster.

unoWhat you see here is the 15-inch beagle, Ch K-Run's Park Me In First, or Uno, being crowned the top dog in the nation.

Why do I care? Well, a few reasons. The first is that I love to see a dog from a working breed of any sort win. A dog that functions first as a dog, not as a showpiece. And beagles, who have changed not much at all from their hunting stock, definitely fit that bill. Secondly, I love to see breeds that don't usually win take the big trophy. If you look here, you can see a list of the historical winners of the show over the past 100 years. Lots of terriers. Spaniels. Poodles. Almost no working dogs, and few hounds of any kind (all I see is a couple of Afghans). So a beagle winning is unprecedented, which is great. Third, I loved watching Uno show--he's a perfect show dog. Great movement, beautiful coat, fantastic stack. Loved it.

And finally? Mark and I are, at present, hound rescuers. We see first-hand the surplus of beagles and how badly they need homes. Having one in the news could increase interest, which could increase our possible adopters. That's not a bad thing.


wow. i have a whole new appreciation for beagles. thanks for the news, and even more importantly, thanks for your work as hound rescuers!

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