Strange times at the GW

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Yesterday afternoon, Mark and I finally got around to pulling some stuff out of our garage and loading into the Element to take to the Goodwill. I drove it over to my favorite store, which also happens to be the one closest to our house. When I pulled up and popped the back open, the man on duty wrinkled his nose and told me, in nearly these exact words, that he couldn't take my cat-hair covered crap, and that I should throw it away myself and not expect them to do it for me. I was stunned into silence. The things in my truck were not exactly prized possessions, but they were not crap. They were what I would consider about median items for that particular store. And, as someone who visits that store about once a week, I think I'd know. I wasn't really angry that the dude didn't want my stuff--that's fine, that's his perogative--but I honestly couldn't believe he was so rude about it. And I checked afterwards--nothing in my car was on the posted list of stuff the Goodwill won't take.

So I drove the stuff home, and proceeded to forget to take it out of the truck. Then, today, I visited another Goodwill, this one closer to work (and one for which I desperately need to write a review, as it is fast becoming my second favorite). On a whim, before I left, I whipped over to their donation area and asked the two men there if they would accept the stuff in my car. They said of course, were very polite and kind, and even thanked me for helping them get it out of my car (there was a heavy piece of furniture involved). Then they offered me a receipt, thanked me for my donation, and sent me on my way.

I am thinking this shouldn't piss me off. I should be charitable and assume that the guy at the first GW was just having a bad day, or was allergic to cats (because I am not about to pretend my stuff was hair free). There was nothing insulting in my load of donations. Nothing that should be repellent to touch. There were no uncleaned Diaper Genies or half-used bottles of KY jelly, which are both things I have seen for sale in that store. I didn't do anything wrong. So it had to be something having to do with that particular dude. Still, a very strange experience, and one that left a bad taste in my mouth.


Is it possible this ass was highly allergic to cats and just didn't want the stuff near him? No excuse for his attitude, but maybe?

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