The deal with my floor

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For any inquiring minds who have noticed my odd living room floor, as shown in this picture, the deal is thusly: When we bought our house, the carpets were made of sea grass. It is not allergy friendly and not animal friendly. After a while, we got sick of it and pulled it up. What you see is the bare concrete floor that was beneath it. Before we sell the house, we will put in new flooring, but we're waiting as to have new flooring that has not been animal-trod when we sell. While it isn't the prettiest thing, it's practical for us right now, and we're not going to live here much longer, so we deal.


I was just curious. It looked a lot like the situation in our house for a bit - it came with a carpeted bathroom and that's no good with 2 little boys, and even less good when your toilet starts leaking.
Anyway since you're already lurking on MD here's the thread:
I can give you more info about the stuff we used if you want. It's supposed to be durable even under dog claws, it was easy to install, and it cost less than $2/sq ft.
I was mostly curious that in some pics it looks like there are brightly colored tiles mixed in with the black/white, and they look interesting.

Are those your cabinets that are so ornate?

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