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Now that I am not going to bore you with my daily clothing choices, what shall we talk about?

How about my other favorite subject: thrifting!

I have to start bringing my camera when I go to the Goodwill. You would not believe the crap I see. I am a committed re-user. There are very few things I won't buy used. That being said, it is simply inappropriate to see half-used bottles of Astroglide for sale. For real. Ew.

That being said, I did really well thrifting today. I bought an extra large collapsible dog crate, worth about $160 new, in excellent condition, for $15.99. We don't need it--we have one just like it--but the rescue can definitely use it. I also bought some Robeez in excellent condition (a gift for the small friend whom I hope to visit this weekend), and a few items for my crafting pleasure.

And these.

glass jars

These are a set of three super heavy-weight glass jars, from Italy, with cool slanted tops. We use these types of jars for all of our legumes and grains, and these are the by far coolest ones I have ever thrifted. I paid $5.99 for the set, which is probably too much, but I just couldn't resist.


I love those jars! I also love thrifting. Keep posting your finds.

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