List 14: Song lyric meme


Same meme as Wednesday, only with song lyrics. These aren't my favorite, though, just the first lyrics from each of the first 10 songs to pop up in my iTunes. Guesses?

1. "I pulled out of Shaky Town, goin' up-country, sinking down."
2. "I walked into a honky tonk, just the other day." "Juke Box Blues" by Reese Witherspoon (originally June Carter Cash) (Delia)
3. "If I have to go, will you remember me?"
4. "Because I love you I get tongue-tied around you." "One Dance" by Dan Bern (Jenny)
5. "Life in the circus ain't easy." "Freakshow" by Ani DiFranco (Chips)
6. "Mamma Svetlana, I know you wanna, shriek at what your daughter done done."
7. "Well my friends are gone and my hair is gray." "Tower of Song" by Leonard Cohen (Chips, Nella)
8. "What is that you're saying, you roulette girl?" "Roulette Girl" by Mary Prankster (Melinda)
9. "Well it's early in the A.M. and I'm feeling kind of blind."
10. "Last night I stood at your doorstep, trying to figure out what went wrong." "Long Walk Home" by Bruce Springsteen (Amanda--close enough!)


7 is Leonard Cohen, Tower of Song. That's the only one i know though.

8. is roulette girl by mary prankster!

4. one dance by dan bern

5 is Freakshow, Ani D.
7 is Tower of Song - covered by many, written by Leonard Cohen.

Yeah! I never get these things.

the last one is springstein, but i don't know what song

#2 "Jukebox Blues", sung by Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line... so I'm guessing it was originally by June Carter Cash?

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