List 3: What's going on with me


So I have all this stuff to tell you! And, in honor of NaBloPoMo's March list theme, I'll try to do it in list form.

blue cinderella box1. Remember those odd princess things I said I'd justify purchasing? Well, they are fodder for my new crafty project, Subversive Princess Boxes. My favorite one so far, the blue Cinderella box, is at left. It's actually part of a set, with the green Cinderella box, that I made for a swap. I've also made a purple Tinkerbell box and a larger pink Cinderella box. They get nicer with each incarnation. Making them is labor intensive, but fun. They may at some point be available for sale, but for right now they are for swapping/gifting only.

2. Speaking of sale, that brings me to my second new project, Crushworthy (huge nod to Turtle for the name!). Crushworthy is the Etsy shop I've opened to sell the homemade bath products I am churning out like a mad woman lately. I have no idea if this venture will ever be profitable, but it's fun and I think worth a try. Right now, all I have up is oatmeal bath. As soon as I get pictures taken, I'll add bath melts. Those are the only two recipes I have right now that I feel confident enough in to sell. I'm experimenting with making other things as well, though, including bath bombs and bubble bars. We'll see.

3. Last night, I made amazing curried chicken salad. We had it for dinner on toasted pita and will be having it for lunch today (and tomorrow).

I think that's all I've got. For now.


i am in lurve with the tinkerbell box. BRILLIANT!

Oh, no, a giant blow to the princess industrial complex!

Those princess boxes are brilliant!

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