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So even though I've stopped taking and posting pictures of my clothes every day, I am still thinking a lot about style, about dressing in a more put-together way, and about reducing my wardrobe to fewer pieces that I feel better about. I'm still reading Allie every day, and taking her advice. One of the best posts she's written, to my mind, was not on her daily style diary, but on Wardrobe Oxygen, where she wrote a couple of years ago about staples for every woman's wardrobe. After reading the post, along with her updates "Wardrobe hints for warmer climates" and "Updating your wardrobe for spring 2008," I made a list (word of the month!) of things I wanted in my wardrobe, especially with spring/summer approaching.

I wanted to be able to get everything thrifted. But it's just not going to happen, so back to cheapie retailers I went, tail between my legs. I hope it's not always like this, but for now, I'm doing what I can.

Clothes for spring:

1. Wide leg jeans
2. Denim skirt
3. Two or three colored non-tee tops
4. Wrap dress
5. Light sweater
6. Two or three easy to wear skirts
7. Yoga apparel
8. Colored summer style flats
9. Long necklaces

Not a huge list, but a pretty daunting one if you are me. So I I've started shopping, mostly online, and here's what I have ordered so far:

1. Wide leg jeans. This one is still outstanding. These are both expensive and impossible to find in the correct fit. Might wait until after summer.
2. Denim skirt. Here again still outstanding. I know the shape I want, I think--something fluted, like this one from NY & Company, but I haven't tried that one on yet or found any similar ones.
3. Two or three colored non-tee tops. Here's where I've started buying. I ordered this purple cotton/silk belted top from Target, this blue faux wrap top from Target, and this wrap top, in rose, from Jessica London.
4. Wrap dress. Went with Jessica London here, too, since it was the only wrap dress I could find with short sleeves. I was inspired by Allie's post about color, too, and chose to get it in blue instead of black.
5. Light sweater. I was happy to find an ecologically friendly option for this purchase, and ordered the 100% organic cotton Cherub Sweater from Of the Earth in black.
6. Two or three easy to wear skirts. I went a bit wild here. My Libby Dibby skirt is probably going to be too heavy for summer in Texas, and I'm loving all the faux hippy runway looks right now, so I went that direction and ordered two fairly made wrap skirts from Butterfly Mama. The first is a long neutral one, the second a shorter, brighter one (sadly no longer on her site). They have arrived already, fit beautifully, and came with incense and a burner in their package. I'll order from her again for sure. Inspired by some of the funkier skirts on Butterfly Mama's site, which don't come in my size, I also ordered this shorter and swingier skirt from Jessica London, in kiwi.
7. Yoga apparel. You'd think this would be the easy part, but it's so not. I tried and didn't fit into short yoga pants from American Apparel and yoga tankinis from Danskin before going back to my standard Champion-from-Target yoga wear. Don't fix it if it's not broken, I guess.
8. Colored summer style flats. Still on the lookout for these, and might skip them and make due with what I have.
9. Long necklaces. I tried to thrift for these and failed, so I hit Ebay, where I bought this mid-length vintage glass bead necklace in earth tones, this extra long blue and white glass bead necklace, and this long silver necklace.

And that's where I am at with that. If everything I ordered fits, I should be set, but realistically I know that won't happen. So we'll see...

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