More Goodwill reviews


Yesterday, the intrepid Princess and I hit some new thrift stores. In specific, we went on a troll of suburban Goodwills.

First, we hit the northern Blue Hanger store, which I've visited many times (and mentioned here) before, but the Princess had never visited. We both did well there for tiny amounts of cash. I got a heart-shaped box to turn into a princess box, some cute striped envelopes to use for packaging some bath products, a star-shaped silicone mold to make bath products, a bunch of Disney princess books (again, for collaging), and a beautiful small bamboo cutting board which will be perfect for antipasta. There may have been something else as well...and I spent like $6. The Princess stocked up on thank-you notes and some great wooden toys and a few books for her Small Man.

Next, we had had lunch (and made a much-needed hand washing stop--I really need to start carrying sanitizer in my car to use after Goodwill trips). Then we we continued up the highway to Cedar Park. Where we got lost, paid unnecessary tolls, and then finally found the Parmer Lane Goodwill.

This is a very, very nice Goodwill. It would be a great starter store for someone who isn't experienced in thrifting or is yucked out by it. It is extremely clean and well-organized (the books are alphabetized by author, which neither The Princess or I had ever seen at a thrift store before). We didn't spend much time in the clothes, but they look to be of pretty high quality and very nicely arranged (though not by size, which is so annoying). The children's clothing section looked particularly well-stocked, and I saw several racks of plus-sized clothes as well. I'd say housewares were the most lacking section in the store--only a few short aisles.

I snatched up a few more Princess books, but didn't see much else that would work for me. The Princess got a couple more books for the Small Man. Neither of us found as much as I'd have expected, given how nice the store is, but it was likely because we were looking for housewares and linens and not clothes.

Last, we hit the Cedar Park Goodwill. Another very nice store, this one with a few more housewares fewer books. Again very clean and pretty well organized. I didn't look at the clothes at all, so I can't attest to anything there. The housewares section was pretty extensive, and had some nice stuff. The Princess picked up some plastic glasses to use in her yard, some more thank you notes, and...something else? I got another box for collaging.

No major expenditures today, or really great finds (except maybe the bamboo board), but these are both stores I'll visit again. There is another store, the New Hope one, that is only a couple of miles directly down the road, so the next trip will definitely need to include a pass at that store as well.

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