Some thoughts on Obama's preacher


I've been attempting to just skip any political posts the burble up in my tiny brain, mostly because there is plenty of that on the blogosphere already and partially because I bore myself when writing about those things. But I can't not get into this, it's just bothering me too much.

This hubbub about Barack Obama's friend/pastor Jeremiah Wright. It's ridiculous.

First, from what I have heard, the comments Wright made were right on.

Secondly, allegiances between hate-monger preachers and politicians are hardly new. Nearly every Republican since Reagan has been chummy with Faldwell and his ilk. And even Al Gore (back before he became a Nobel-winning saint) had political ties to fag-hater Fred Phelps. Why haven't we been up in arms about politicians having "spiritual leaders" who advocate for the murder of gays and lesbians? Or even the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians?

Because they were white and didn't sound big and scary on a pulpit, for one thing. All over the U.S., white people who have never been to a church that wasn't polite and austere are seeing clips of Rev. Wright and peeing themselves. Power! Authoritative speaking!? From a Black man?! Why, that could get downright dangerous!

And another thing. I just listened to an episode of On Point during which a guest likened Louis Farrakhan to David Duke. Uh, no. See, racism doesn't work the same way in reverse, much as you'd like to think it does. The blood is still on your hands, no matter where you try to smear it.


Hey! Several years ago I read a couple of Wright's books. Before Obama even ran for Senate. They are mostly his sermons in book form and none of them were about 9/11. But my feelings about them were that they were fairly racist and sexist in a PromiseKeeper sort of way.

Moreover, I found some of it interesting and, living in IL, would have liked to visit the church. But looking at their website, and reading the sermons made it apparent I wouldn't really be welcome. That's pretty sad.

I feel like judging people and making generalizations based on race is racism, whether you say "all black people are lazy" or you say "all white politicians are just slaveowners!"

It is bogus that all Republicans basically have ties to preachers who have said the same thing about 9/11 but I think the difference is a lot of their constituencies (as opposed to Obama's) believe that. And Falwell was forced to apologize as well.

But while I agree with his 9/11 points (or the few I have read) the man thinks some crazy shit. Like HIV is a virus invented by the US government to kill black people? That's just crazy.

Who advocates ethnic cleansing of Palestinians? They're the only people in the world who's population increases during "ethnic cleansing".

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