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Once again I am too addled to actually write. But here are some recent Etsy covets:

skiptomylou outfit1. Skip To My Lou Clothing has the cutest outfits for little girls. Shirt and skirt sets are in the $25-$30 (plus $5 S&H) range, which isn't bad for full handmade outfits! My current favorite, shown here, is a set with a chick motif in size 3/4.

boojiboo apron2. It took me a while to start appreciating the apron craze, but I'm on board now, and there are some fantastic vintage-inspired ones at Boojiboo. They aren't cheap (the dog print one shown here is $23.75 plus $3 S&H), but still, so adorable!

matte art owl print3. Matte Stephens' Brainiac art just kills me. In both subject and style, it's just wonderful. Limited edition prints run from $35, for an 8.5"X11" (plus $4.60 S&H) to $60 (plus $10.60 S&H) for a 13" X 14" print. Most are available in both sizes. I particularly love this owl.

hey peanut elephant4. Hey Peanut makes soft toys and shoes for babies, some with vintage fabrics, and they fantastic. For the most part, the booties are $18 plus $5 S&H and the stuffies are $25 plus $5. I really want to think of someone to gift this vintage plaid baby elephant toy.

glue and glitter lunch kit5. I really want a lunch kit from Glue and Glitter. For $40 (with free shipping!) you get a handmade, machine-washable tote, a stainless steel lunch box, five tote-coordinated cloth napkins, and a set of reusable utensils. How much does that make bringing your lunch to work?

simple song stationary6. Simple Song Designs is definitely on my list of potential gift sources in the future. The custom stationary products are classic and gorgeous, with just enough of a twist. This set of ten custom-made mod-style cards with envelopes is $12 plus $1.50 S&H, and for another $3 you can get your return address printed on the envelopes. Looks like Mother's Day to me...

courtney courtney dress7. Finally, I have to call your attention to the genius that is Courtney Courtney. Last time I did this, I featured dressme, a shop that makes one-of-a-kind tees and dresses for little ones out of recycled garments. Courtney Courtney is similar, with "entirely new, partially new, partially repurposed and recycled pieces" for kids and adults. The adult stuff doesn't really work for me, but the kids' stuff is fabulous. My favorite pieces are the embellished recycled tee shirt play dresses, like the one shown here. A 5T dress made out of a recycled Thai beer tee and custom screen printed sleeves? How could it get cuter than that? This one is $25 plus $2.15 S&H.


Pearl River has a lot of lunch boxes like this, but cheaper:

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