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Have you ever thought about what was on the radio the year you were born? I was actually born into kind of an interesting musical moment--disco was still king, but it was failing, there was still a punk undertone, but Sid Vicious died. And some legendary country songs were released, too. It's fascinating. I had no idea, until I started making this list, that 1979 gave birth not only to me, but also to London Calling and The Wall.

What about you? What was playing the year you were born?


Lots of my faves are in the top 100 of the year I was born

Joy to the World - 3 Dog Night
Me and Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin
It's too late - Carole King
The Night they drove old dixie down - Joan Baez
Signs - Five Man Electrical Band
If you could read my mind - Gordon Lightfoot
Proud Mary - Tina Turner
Sweet City Woman - The Stampeders
Wild Word - Cat Stevens

Gotta wonder about a list who has the Doors, followed by Perry Como. Ha!

Among the songs I love, there was some disco (BeeGees!), some sap (The Osmonds), and some annoyances (Tom Jones).

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