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I like to listen to podcasts. I listen to lots of podcasts. My very favorite podcast is Kris and Betsy Smith's Croncast. Kris and Betsy are a married couple in suburban Illinois. He's a computer geek of some sort who had a childhood I very much recognize and she's a stay-at-home mom/professional thrift and resale queen/comedian. They basically just tell amusing stories about what is going on in their lives. Their motto is "life is show prep." They're very very funny, occasionally moving, and always worth listening to.

Right now, Croncast is in its last season. Once this season ends, Kris and Betsy are going to change the name of the show and go to a once-a-week format. This makes me sad sad sad, because I love to listen to them and want more, not less. On today's show, Kris announced that if enough of their loyal listeners get out and drum up more support for them, they'll increase the once-a-week plan for their new show to two or three times a week. I don't know what the rationale behind this is--maybe they just want to make sure there are enough listeners to make it worth their time? Anyway, I'm trying to do my part of help increase their listenership. So go, download, listen. Way way way funnier than Dawn and Drew.

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