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So. Are you more bored by my Etsy obsession or my Buffy obsession? Don't worry, I'm back to watching 2-4 eps of Buffy a night, so I'm sure those posts will be back soon.

In the meantime, I've been looking for plus-sized clothes on Etsy. And I've been pleasantly surprised at what I've found. Take a look:

sutara pantsSutara sells handmade clothing, including lots of hippy-style skirts with drawstring waists fitting up to 48" and wide-leg pants. My favorite of her offerings are the custom hippy patched pants show here, which she collaborates with the customer on in terms of size and style. They're $38 plus $7 S&H.

From the Fig Tree offers clothes made from mostly recycled materials (other clothes). Again, most of the clothes are drawstring "size free" affairs.

cinnascents apronCinnascents has a whole section of plus sized aprons, which (God bless her) look just like her other aprons, only bigger. I like the sunflower blues apron shown best. It's not a bad price, either--$19 with free shipping.

Sandmaiden makes sleepwear and lingerie in a wide size range, from 02/-18/20. It's a bit pricey but SO cute.

bon bon dressJane at Bon Bon is an actual plus-sized designer! She stocks some dresses in plus sizes, but most of her stuff is made to order (you send her your measurements), and it's the same price regardless of size. She's got a wide range of prices, depending on the piece. The amazing sun dress shown here is $89 plus $7 US shipping.

Miss Bombshell offers up super-cute vintage inspired duds, all of which are available from XS-XXL. Again, not cheap (most dresses are around $85).

flannel bloomersYodaMoon says that her clothing is "sized for real people." Things run from XS-XXL. I'll admit a fondness for her flannel bloomers--I think they'd make great lounge/PJ pants. They're $35 plus $6 shipping.

Panda Sewing is another site offering custom sized clothing, particularly dresses. Right now she has a couple of sun dresses available, up to size 24, for $46-$69 (depending on dress pattern, not size).

six gun sally tunicSix Gun Sally has a plus-sized section, mostly featuring shirts. This belted tunic is a 1X. It's $34 plus $3.50 shipping.

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