It's Friday, what you have learned this week?

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Someone on a message board I frequent posed this question today, and it seems like an excellent blog prompt. Maybe I'll start trying to do it every Friday, a la the Friday Love Lists Meg Fowler does.

Things I've learned this week:

  • Some people are actually annoyed by receiving paper thank you notes
  • If you piss Illy off, she'll bite you and draw blood
  • Garden of Eden blue corn tortilla chips are sadly salt-free
  • My new clothes lines hold more than one, but less than two, loads of laundry
  • My stimulus check should come in a couple of weeks
  • I don't mind drinking coffee black anymore.

What did you learn this week?


Why do people hate thank you cards?!?

I learned Dolly Parton can play at least 7 instruments. And Prince's childhood nickname was Skipper. And Jesse James left his pregnant porn star wife for Sandra Bullock.

I learned all but the first at work.

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