It's Friday, what you have learned this week?


Third week in a row!

This week, I've learned:

  • The first two Indiana Jones movies are indeed as racist and sexist as you'd expect

  • Many Waldorf schools have dress codes forbidding the children to wear specific clothes, including anything synthetic or black

  • I really do like some of the t-shirt styles from Old Navy

  • How to felt wool (though I can't actually do it)

  • The soundtrack to Juno, which worked great in the film, is really annoying outside the film context

  • It doesn't matter if I hang up my clothes outside at night or during the day, the birds shit on them either way


what's the new interest in waldorf schools about?

also, half the songs on the juno soundtrack are songs i put on many, many mix tapes. eeriely so.

I've learned that I'm sad when you only post once a week!

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