Where is your stimulus check going?


Like most people, I'd expect, I have a lot of plans for my stimulus check. I may think giving them out is a crappy idea, but since I'm going to get one, I have lots of ideas on how to spend it. Clearly, what I should do with it is not even consider other options and just pay debt. But I need new shoes! And something off my Etsy favorites! And some summer clothes!

Or, I could give it away.

There was a piece on Marketplace on Friday about why it might be best to consider giving all or part of your stimulus check to charity. You can listen to it below, but basically the upshot is that charitable organizations are suffering right now just like everyone else, and there are those (myself included) who believe that the money these checks represent may well have been better spent bolstering social services. So, if you think like that too, maybe we should both put our money where our mouth is and give some of our stimulus checks to charity?

The question then becomes, of course, which charity? The piece on NPR mentions food banks in specific, and that makes sense. I have a couple of weeks until my deposit is supposed to show up, so I'll be thinking about it.


The next charity I am giving to is the Imagination Library. It's Dolly Parton's charity (she mentioned it at the concert) where kids get a book a month to instill a love of reading and literacy in the poorest of areas. Important, as you know, in these times when school budgets are being cut and libraries in some places eliminated entirely.

Mine is going to a $340 (not incl tax & tip) dinner at The French Laundry in Napa. One crazy, foolish thing.

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