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So shopping online for cocoa butter is probably not something you find yourself doing often, unless you are like me (or are me) and make a lot of gooey bath products that require large quantities of it. That being said, even if you are me, comparison shopping for the bet cocoa butter bargain is not something you want to ever have to devote an hour or more to again. Wouldn't it have been nice, you say to yourself, if someone on The Internets had handily provided this information so I would not have had to seek it out?

And so I give you the best price options I've found. Please note that I am not vouching for any of these companies, just telling you much it costs. Prices often go down if you order more, but for the purposes of comparison, I am sticking with a one-pound purchase.

If organic cocoa butter is your thing, the best price I've found is $11.44/lb at Nature's Flavors. Shipping and handling on this is $8.03 via FedEx Ground (which is, incidentally, why you want to buy more than a pound at once). Mountain Rose Herbs has organic cocoa butter for $12/lb, which is a pretty negligible difference, but their shipping price (via "UPS/Fed Ex Gound") is $8.77 for that order.

If you need your cocoa butter to be organic AND deodorized, the best price I can find is $14.99/lb at Skincare Naturals. It's a Canadian Company, though, so the shipping is going to set you back $11-$12 for that, depending on what part of the US you live in. Glory Bee Foods has organic deodorized cocoa butter for $19.70/lb, which is quite a bit more, but shipping is also significantly less, running from $6.50-$9.25 depending on how far you live from their Oregon headquarters.

If you don't care about organic, this stuff gets a lot cheaper (imagine!). The cheapest I found was $4.00/lb at Paw Made Soap Company in Michigan. That's a sale price, but it's only down from $4.40/lb, so it's still the cheapest when not on sale. Priority mail shipping is $7.20, but when I tried to to a mock check-out, it changed my shipping to $1, so I'm really not sure.

Finally, if non-organic but deodorized is your deal, I think your best bet is $7.00/lb at Soapies Supplies. Delivery via FedEx Ground is $4.84. Another good possibility is Glory Bee Foods (mentioned above), who sell the non-organic deodorized for $7.75/lb and ship as cheaply as possible.

There. Probably more than you wanted to know, but hopefully helpful to someone at some point. If you did Google this up and it was useful, leave me a comment and let me know?

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