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We picked up a new foster dog, Belle, on Saturday morning. The story is a bit long and complicated, but basically she'll be staying with us for a while. She has a few health issues--short term, some allergies and ringworm, and longer term, cherry eye--and she'll need some taking care of before she can be put up for adoption.

The hard part is happening right now--because ringworm is contagious to both us and our other pets, she has to be quarantined until she's no longer contagious (72 hours after we began her treatment, more or less). That means she has to spend any time that we can't supervise her outside in a crate. She's taking it very well--minimal fussing and crying--but it's still a pain. Her house manners show every indication of being very good, so it will be nice when she can be out and about with our dogs and cats (and when we can pet her without fear of contamination).

Once the ringworm has cleared up and she's had a couple of weeks of good food and being taken care of, we'll get her in for a surgical consult for her cherry eye. Hopefully it's fixable. The concern is that her eyelids have been prolapsed for too long already and it won't be reparable. We'll have to wait and see.

So, meet Belle:


what are doggies allergic to?

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