Remember my Oscar Movie project? Well, I am still working on it, albeit slowly. I'm keeping track here. So far I can say that the following movies were better than I expected them to be:

  • A Beautiful Mind

  • Braveheart

  • Titanic

And these were worse than I'd expected:

  • The Departed

  • Unforgiven

I have The English Patient sitting patiently on top of my DVD player, where it has been for at least six weeks. I just can't get into the idea of watching it.


Hey Grace!

I agree on the Departed...stinky!

And I loved Titanic(for all I knew the and Braveheart is a favorite of hubbys.

And I too have yet to see the English patient! Since we seem to have similar taste, YOU watch it and let me know if it's worth watching! I need a good tearjerker! ;)

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