BLOG CONTEST: Thrifted finds for my readers!


I've noticed recently that many of my favorite blogs feature contest. I just entered one at not martha fantastic cards, for example. Karen at chookooloonks is currently running one for a framed print of one of her photographs. Ree at Confessions of a Pioneer Women has ones with fantastic prizes all the time. So, I was thinking to myself, I should have a contest!

Here's what we'll do. You leave a comment. Tell me the types of things you wish you could thrift for, or you do thrift for. A week from now, on Thursday, July 17, I will use a random number generator to pick one comment, and I will thrift a fabulous gift for that person.


Comment NOW!


1. Weird art. Hands down my favorite thrift store find. I like velvet paintings a lot but handmade weird anything, awesome.

2. weird books. religious or otherwise. once i found some weird christian clown instruction manuals. score!

3. scarves & non jewelry accessories--other people always find really awesome accessories at the thrift store and i never ever do.

4. furniture--I am too scared of bed bugs here and it is too hard to truck it home here.

5. glassware--i never find anything other than bad mugs, but i love containers and funny colored bowls.

My wife and I thrift for dress-up cloths for our nieces which we add to their costume chest when we visit. Why pay real $$$ at the Disney store for a "princess" costume when you can be a real bride. surgeon, pirate or almost anything else for a few bucks.

1) Yarn, especially wool yarn
2) 300-500 piece puzzles for DS
3) Wool sweaters for felting

1. Broken or non broken toy "playsets". Like toy buildings, barbie dream homes, GI Joe fortresses, etc.

2. "Squirrel babies". I think that's what they're called. They are these wierd stuffed animals that look like toy baby dolls wearing a squirrel suit, or a squirrel that has a baby's face+hands. They are really wierd.

1.wool yarn and roving and felt clothes books on CD

4.wooden/cloth/handmade kids toys & dressup stuff cooking gadgets

6.waldorf school supplies (can you believe I've actually found some great books! The odds!)

I've been looking for cool vintage saucers lately, but they are a lot harder to find than you would think. I have a craft plan for Christmas presents, and I need some good saucers.

I love clear cut glass serving dishes. That is typically the only thing that I buy from thrift stores although I'm trying to get into buying more clothes there.

Shoes for my teeny little feet, blanks for tie-dyeing, and giftable stuff for Tali and the Village, mostly.

I thrift for glassware and pottery and antique bottles. Sometimes old, cool-looking boxes. I have a fetish for things that other things go in, in other words. :p

For me:
fabric, notions, patterns, vintage trims.

For my daughter:
Baby dolls, doll clothes, polly pockets, anything obnoxiously girlie.

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