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For reasons too boring to go into, I no longer have a blog roll on my blog sidebar. I do, however, love to read other people's blogs. I use a feed reader (Google) to keep up with them, and try to read new entries every day. I'm also working on making more comments, so the folks I'm reading will know that they have me as a follower.

Periodically, I'd like to share the blogs I am reading with you all, since I don't have them up full time. The point here is two-fold: first, maybe I can introduce you to a blog you haven't been reading and will enjoy; second, maybe you can suggest some things to me in the comments that are missing from my list?

Here are the blogs in my feed reader:

Craft blogs

Thrifting blogs

Shopping blogs

"Mommy" blogs

Misc blogs

Friends' blogs


A) Do those reasons involve Movable Type being a punk-ass?

b) Please for the love of all that's holy make this an actual list instead of just using line breaks. People with screen readers will thank you for it.

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