Some days, the thrift gods smile on you. I have my fair share of those days. Days like today, though, the thrift gods sweep you up in their arms and give you a deep tongue kiss, and you are powerless to resist them.

So you wanna see my haul?

First, two wool Army-style blankets, $2.50 each. These are to swap, as I know someone who is looking for them.

Next, a few things for my house. In this picture you see a small sized Borden French press ($0.50), two glass hinge-top storage jars ($0.50 each, can't ever turn those down), three cute jelly jars ($0.25 each), a collapsible cribbage board ($1.00), and a spice jar ($0.15).
jars and stuff

Here we've got two big boxes of K'nex. Well, mostly K'nex--one of the boxes is actually about half NBA-set Legos. It's gonna take a while to sort those out! $2.50 for each box. These I'll either swap or sell.

Here we've got two floor puzzles, both in excellent shape ($1.00 each), an amazing pattern for a 20's flapper style dress ($0.50), a new learning to crochet kit ($1.50), and a pound of olive oil soap base ($0.75). The puzzles I can either swap or gift, the rest is for me. Maybe I'll even learn to crochet!
puzzles and stuff

In this picture you see a Ziploc full of spools of ribbon ($1.50), another full of buttons ($2.00), a new watercolor paid ($0.50), and a couple of packages of elastic ($0.25 each). I am hoping to swap these things with folks who can use them.
ribbon and buttons

And then there was yarn. So. much. yarn. All of this is for swapping. Unless I magically learn to knit. It was all $0.25-$0.75 per skein.

This is five skeins of pale blue Spinnerin Mona yarn, imported from Switzerland. It is 100% virgin wool.
blue yarn

Here we see seven skeins of dark purple Emu Superwash washable wool yarn. It's 100% new wool and made in England.
dark purple yarn

This picture shows a crazy twenty skeins of lavender Kid Mohair yarn. It's from the Italian brand Filatura Di Crosa. It's 80% mohair kid and 20% nylon.
lavender yarn

This pink yarn looks like it has been around a while, even though most of it is still new in the sleeve. It is what I think comes out to five skeins of 70% mohair and 30% wool yarn from Bear Brand's Loop-Aire.
pink yarn

Finally, in the miscellaneous yarn category, we have a big skein of blue yarn that I think might be synthetic, a skein of 100% wool yarn from Sensations in "green licorice," a skein of the Swiss Mona yarn in cream, and a skein of 100% Italian mohair yarn by Ballet in pink/lavender.
misc yarn

Hot damn.


I of course had to go check to see if that folkwear pattern had been reviewed at Pattern Review; link.

Damn - you'll probably do well with that filatura de crosi yarn - looks gorgeous. I'd be interested, but I don't go for lavender and my yarn box is currently overflowing... look at this listing:

I could refer people to your blog on ravelry (big knitting site) if you wanted...

Grace, can I link this post on the green crafts carnival?

Oh the yarn, the books, the buttons, oh... You hit the mother lode. Why can't I find stuff like that. Lucky you!

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