Following my own rules


Since I shared my thrifting rules, let's see how well I have managed to follow them these past couple of days, shall we?

This is a Vera Bradley wallet. I just bought it for myself because I thought it was cute and wanted a wallet with a window ID pocket. It was $0.25.
vera bradley wallet

This is a super cute pajama set, new in its cotton bag. I really love the old style pattern and the very light fabric. Sadly too small for me, this will make a great gift for someone a bit smaller than me. I've got a couple of ideas of folks who might enjoy these. $1.25 was the price, I believe.

These new with tags Kelme soccer shorts are for Mark. They were $1.25.
kelme shorts

A bag of leftover Christmas cat toys, had for $1.00, is always useful at my house.
cat toys

These cute little suckers are Latitude Enfant Grannimals Emile and Emilien. I believe they were $0.75, and they're to be swapped, along with a previously thrifted animal from the same line.

This wooden puppy puzzle is meant to be a gift for my small friend Zahni. I think it was $0.50.

Here we've got two bags of bath salts from Austin's own Herb Bar. Either for my own use or for gifts, I can't pass stuff like this up. I believe each bag was $0.50.
bath salts

I'm not sure whether or not I should have bought these two things--a new in package set of paints and a set of watercolor crayons. I may be able to swap them. They were $0.50 each.
art supplies

In this picture, you see some sewing notions. A new in package spool of elastic thread, and two packages of waist interfacing. Each was $0.25. These will be sent to some of my sewing friends.
sewing notions

Here are some embroidery supplies. Two bags of embroidery thread and some linen embroidery cloth. There is also a spool of jewelry wire here. The big bag of embroidery thread was $1.00, the other stuff was $0.25 each. I have an online swapping friend who is learning to embroider, so the thread and cloth will go to her. I may use the jewelry wire myself, or send it on to another friend who makes jewelry.
embroidery supplies

These are die cuts and stencils with which to make Christmas cards. This is another purchase I'm questioning. They may be swappable, but I don't know. Each package was $0.50.
christmas stuff

These books were $1.00 each. There is a home owner's journal, which I am hoping to use to get some of our household stuff together pre-sale. The two stitching books are hopefully going to help me learn to crochet. If not, maybe someone else can use them.

These skeins of yarn are all 100% cotton. As I mentioned, natural fiber yarn is always in demand. This can either be swapped or maybe I can use it for my crocheting enterprise.
cotton yarn

My two biggest scores are these two pieces of fabric. The top is is six or so yards of Laurie White for Hancock Fabrics upholstery fabric. The bottom is what I think must be a whole bolt of cotton flannel. I have no idea what I'm going to do with these two, but I know someone will be able to use them. The upholstery fabric was $2 and the flannel was $3.
decor fabric


me in new dressFinally, I wanted to share with you all something I traded for. I thrifted a bunch of costume supplies for a little girl, and that little girl's mom made me this dress. Isn't it fantastic?

So what do you think? How did I do with my rules?


Love the cute dress!

I could use your thrifting rules. I get too enamored of things I have no need for.

One of my rules is to "keep it moving". I always have a bag going TO the thrift store. I regularly walk around looking for things I want to move out of my life and on into someone else's.

So that upholstery fabric? I have two reversible wrap skirts that are made from heavy duty (presumably upholstery) fabric. They're a-line and tie with grosgrain ribbon. Maybe you could do something similar? The dress is awesome!

LOVE the upholstery fabric, in particular!

That is an AWESOME dress. I really love the upholstery fabric, too. Go you with the thrifting. I haven't the patience for that sort of thing and so have too much stuff cluttering my house.

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