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So that thing about how I haven't eaten or shopped to combat stress? Spoke too soon. I did both today. Again, though, I remained fairly moderate. I went on my once-weekly thrifting trip, but I stayed in budget, and I ate some fast food, but I stayed within my daily points, so I don't feel terrible.

One of the new rules I'm establishing for myself, however, is that I have to post here every time I thrift, including pictures of what I bought and how much I spent. The dual purposes here are keeping me honest, and trying to get up an archive of my thrifted treasures (because I totally love it when other people do that). Today's trip wasn't that interesting, all things considered, but you have to start somewhere.

Location: Goodwill Blue Hanger North

The big thing I looked for on this trip was clothes for myself, along with a few things I owe to other folks. I don't usually do this well for myself on one trip to the bins, though.

skirt, shirt, dress

The first picture shows a pink and blue paisley box pleated Liz Claiborne silk skirt, a white and blue geometric floral Merona sleeveless shirt, and a sleeveless knee length blue cotton dress by Apostrophe.


Here we have two three-quarter length scoop-neck tee-shirts, by George (is that Wal-Mart?).
pj pants and sweater

Finally, a pair of blue and white plaid flannel PJ pants (there are never too many!) and a sleeveless green sweater from Old Navy.

Each item was $1.25. The thing I really love, though? These clothes are from horrific manufacturers (Wal-Mart??), but I did not in any way support those companies or the demand for their products. That's the beauty of it. That and this stuff will now be worn by me, rather than be sold as rags or worse.

I didn't just buy clothes today, though. I also got this stuff:

pillow cases

What you see here are five pillowcases--one geometric green and white one, and four tie-dyed one. I have a bit of a pillowcase obsession, as I change my cases every five minutes or so to keep allergies at bay. And I love these dyed ones. Mark, of course, hates them. They were $0.50 each, and although they aren't quite as cool as the stuff my friend over at Dye Tyke makes, they'll definitely work.


This is three pieces of fabric. One is about 1/2 yard of yellow synthetic felt, one is about 2 yards of green felt, which I think is wool blend, and one is 1 1/2 yards of blue wool blend cloth. These cost between $1.00 and $2.00 each.

parisol and beads

These were my most interesting finds of the day. The parisol was $1.00 and the wooden beads (and there must be at least 20" of them) were $2.50.

Total spent, including tax: $19.49


Hey, thanks for the plug!

Nice finds at the thrift. Sadly, the charity (thrift) shops here in the UK are NEVER as rewarding as they seem to be in the US. I think the 'George' label may be Wal-Mart as this is the label used by a UK supermarket chain called Asda which has fairly recently been taken over by Wal-Mart.

Yup. George is Wal-Mart.

You got some great stuff!!!

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