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Went to the Goodwill today (first time this week, go me!) and did OK--in terms of following the rules and in terms of getting some good stuff.

This first picture is my most questionable purchase. These are four Salton yogurt containers, for storage of homemade yogurt. I have no particular intention of making homemade yogurt. However, they are very cool containers. Which I do not need. So there's that.
yogurt containers

Another possibly questionable purchase, these are three Kindermusik book sets. I am not sure all the components are in each one, though. My intention had been to swap them, but I don't know if anybody will want them. They were $1.50 each.
kindermusik sets

These are two wooden alphabet train floor puzzles. I think they're new, they don't look to have ever been played with. I plan to gift one and possibly swap the other. They were $1.00 each.

This is a child's knitting kit from Magic Cabin. It's all wool, and can be used to knit up two kitties. Should be swapable, I'd think. It was $0.50.
magic cabin kit

I absolutely love the old-fashioned style of these new ABC's flashcards by Dolce Mia. They cost $0.50 and I will likely gift them.
flash cards

I bought this Vera Bradley purse because I just kind of liked it, and intended to keep it. However, it is a discontinued fabric and seems to be new (though it doesn't have tags), so I might Ebay it. We'll see. It was $3.00.
vera bradley purse

This is my best score of the day, though it may not look like much in the picture. It is what seems to be a new (though again, no tags) Hearthsong Under the Sea canopy. The intention with this is definitely a swap. I paid $3.00 for it.

So, all in all, a pretty good day. Total spent was about $17 with taxes.


Magic Cabin is ALWAYS swappable, IME.

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