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I am trying to put together a few of my best blog posts in a "best posts" category, for the benefit of newcomers to my blog who don't want to wade through a lot of crap to get to the few times I write something worth reading. Regular readers, do you have any ideas of things I should include in this category?



"Em Gets Me Thinking" ( seems to say a lot about you* and your opinion of yourself.

"The Many Faces & Hairstyles of Grace" ( really fun to read; I remember reading a similar post specifically about body image, too.

"Fat" ( and "Anorectic" ( are two of my favorites, for personal reasons. Both of them present the kind of unique, thought-provoking opinions that I love your blog for.

I thought"I Know" ( was one of your best posts, too.

I guess this list seems like all the obvious choices, but these are the first 5 posts that came to mind, the ones that had the biggest impact on me when I first read them.

*I don't know you personally, so when I say "you", I mean, "you, as you present yourself here,"

P.S. I've commented before, but I believe I did so under a different handle... I've been reading for a little over a year.

Definitely your "My Thrifting philosophy" post! I'm also a big fan of the honesty and insight in your "I Drink ..." post.

If I had the capacity to remember more than my own name and which days I'm prettiest on, I'd be able to tell you which post I like best.

If I stumble into the part of my brain that has the things people call memories, I'll see if I can't be of some help to you.

The feminist booklist.

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