Well, funny for passers by, anyway. Not so much funny for me until afterwards.

Picture this:

An overweight and completely out of shape woman, dressed in nearly see-through PJ pants that are three sizes too big, a tee shirt that is several sizes too small and shows her belly rolls, and flip flops. With no bra. Running down a residential street at her absolute top speed, after a very short beagle who, despite her 2" legs, manages to stay just ahead of her.

At 2pm.

She's out to get me.


Beagles are notorious escapers! I suggest you remain fully dressed at all times in case of repeat offenses.

With any luck they'll have been looking at the cute dog rather than your clothes. :)

Have I ever been there. My parents' beagle of 17 years attempted and managed many escapes, including the time she took off on the leash while I was standing on a patch of ice (I have scar from that one), and the time she almost ran away with a Canadian family who offered her snacks.

She was also famous for burying edible items in the house. There is nothing like sitting down on a living room chair and discovering a half-chewed rawhide bone while searching for the remote...or having to explain to one's exchange student in a mix of French and English why the candy stash her mom so lovingly packed for her has been removed to the floor one's closet.

HA! What a great image. She sounds like a dog who is going to give you many stories.

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