The pitfalls of being a thrifting goddess


big pile of thrifted stuff

What you see here is my desk/craft table. Well, you can't really see it, but it's holding up this gigantic pile of stuff. See, this is the problem with being a prolific thrift shopper. What do you do with the stuff once you bring it home? The swappables, the giftables, the things that might come in handy's all here, taking up half of our office and driving Mark no end of nuts.

closet full of thrifted stuffWhat makes it worse is that I already have a closet full of more organized thrifted stuff, as you can see at left. Those bins are all full, so even if I were moved to organize the stuff that is all over my table, I don't really have anywhere to organize it to.

Honestly, I need to clear things out. If I don't have a specific someone in mind for a gift, and nobody is forthcoming for a swap, I should just donate it all back. An organized house and organized mind and all that.

But I probably won't.


Yup. That seems very familiar, somehow.

ahem, there is the idea of never buying anything you don't personally actually need/have a use for immediately. :)

I was just wondering where you keep all the stuff you buy. Now I know! Hey, at least it's organised in some kind of fashion.

If it makes you feel better, I'm getting ready to move and not only is my place a disaster, since it's a studio there is no escaping it. Also, the amount of random clutter I've built up in a single year is eye-opening.

Hmmm, looks a lot like my home office. I do try to use stuff right away, but I admit I have a shelf in the garage for mistakes,er,donations!

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