Thrifting without blood

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The last three times I went to the bins, I left bloody. Each time, I reached into a bin and cut myself on something. A piece of broken glass, a piece of broken bed frame, and a third object I could not identify. Cutting yourself at the bins is both irritating and kind of scary. It's irritating because then you only have one good hand to dig through things with, and it's scary because you never know what infectious diseases could be lurking in the bins. An open wound is so not something you want to chance.

A normal person, after this happening three times, would perhaps take a break from visiting the bins. Or at least get some gloves. I, however, am not a normal person, I am an addict, and as such, I went again last night.

The best news? I didn't get cut.

The second best news? I only spent $5 and got all of this stuff:

thrifted loot

Here you see the following:

  • Two new Japanese-art printed file boxes, for Mark, as part of our effort at containing our office clutter, $0.50 each

  • A Better Homes & Gardens sewing manual, for swapping, in excellent condition, from 1970, $1

  • A new copy of Dorothy Allison's "Skin," for me, $0.50

  • An EUC floral wet bag, for a swap, $0.50

  • An EUC sugar and creamed set, vintage Pyrex, to swap, $1.00

  • A whole bunch of beading cord sets and necklace clasp sets, mostly for swapping, NIP, each originally marked $0.99, $1 for the lot

This is the kind of thrifting trip I need to strive for. Low spending, only items that have a purpose, and nothing physically large to take up a lot of space. Plus the Pyrex is SO cute...


I keep thinking I should carry some antiseptic wipes around with me, just for experiences like you describe. Glad you perservered, though--that's a great haul! Really love the Japanese boxes.

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