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It occurred to me, astute photojournalist that I am, that my avid readers might like a look at this mysterious Bins you hear so much about. So I took my trusty (hardly) digital camera with me to thrift today, and snapped a few shots. I felt weird doing it--people were not looking at me in the friendliest ways--but I live to serve my adoring public, so here you go:

store from front corner
Here you see as much of the store as I could get in as possible, from the front left (near the entry door).

store from back corner
This is from the opposite side, the back right corner, and is once again as much as I could get in.

av refuse
This is a big pile of VCRs and DVD players. There is always a table like this, with what seems to be rotating stock. Makes me proud to be an American to see this, let me assure you.

clothing refuse
About 1/3 of the store is devoted to these tables of clothing. This is the hardest part to shop in, for me, as sifting through table after table of clothes gets tiring. In the rest of the store, things are mixed up so it doesn't get boring.

general refuse
Most of the store looks like this, with tables (and sometimes bins, like you see in the second picture) of what I'd call "general refuse." Could be anything and mostly it's not sorted in any way. This is my favorite part, because you'll never know what you'll find.

These pictures don't really give you an idea of the enormity of the stuff in this place, but they're a first try. Maybe I will get bolder as a photographer if I keep trying to do this. Looking at them, just like being there, gives me this combination of adrenaline (what might I find?!) and sickness (how did we get to be a society that throws this much stuff away?).


Whoa, even I'm daunted. I've seen this sort of set-up on a smaller scale on market stalls and at festivals, but not a shop that size dedicated to it!

Good lord, I've never seen anything like that before in my life. It reminds me a bit of Amoeba Records in LA, which had a similar scope of ridiculousness.

Bands must love it there.

omg. I love the bins on sight!

I don't think we have those here.

If I come to your town, will you take me to the bins? Please?

That's just...staggering. I think I'd go nuts in there with all of the disorganization and the sheer volume of crap to sort through. It's almost kind of sad to look at!

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