What did you have for dinner?

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Mark and I haven't been eating all that well at home lately. Between the heat and my Weight Watchers-inspired insistence that all meals be under 7 points, we've been doing a lot of "scrounging," which generally entails my eating hummus and veggies for supper and Mark eating chips and salsa or something similar. Because of this, when I spent the first part of our ride home from work whining about my dire need for iron, I expected that, at best, we'd stop for burgers.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Mark insisted that instead we stop at Central Market and buy a steak to curb my iron cravings. And then, he made me dinner.

Here you see the boy with his meal.

And here, the meal itself.

What you see here is a "cowboy cut" (bone-in rib-eye) steak with a salt, pepper, thyme, and fennel pollen (from our garden!) rub, grilled in a grill pan to medium rare; fresh white corn with thyme butter; and a mixed baby green salad with Cypress Grove Purple Haze fennel pollen and lavender rubbed goat cheese, fresh local figs, and Marcona almonds. We enjoyed it with some really fantastic Brandborg Northern Reach pinot noir (from my home town!). Completely and totally amazing.

There's food, and then there's this. I am a lucky, lucky woman.


Wowza! You are eating delicioso Cypress Grove! Cypress Grove is from Arcata where I live! Right down the street too. How fun. And yummy - ooo so yummy. I am a big fan of the Humboldt Fog myself. Mmmmm - now I'm hungry...

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