Our newest boarder


So we have too many dogs. It's a fact. Our current crew includes our two and two foster beagles.

And now, number 5.

This is her:

stray rott mix

rott mix 2

Hopefully she'll be a very short term addition. Mark found her running down the street this morning. We're betting she's a neighborhood dog that escaped her yard, and have put up some signs and contacted our animal shelter. She's got a Home Again tag, but it's registered to our local animal control, implying that she was adopted there and it was never re-registered. We'd hoped they would be able to tell us to whom she was adopted, but so far they aren't returning phone calls.

So, until we find her family, she's hanging out with us. Luckily she's got a great personality--very sweet, mellow, and loving. The only big problem is that she can't be trusted in the yard. She tries to swim in the pond.


Ha! I'm sorry she tries to swim in the pond, but that is adorable. If she tries it again, please get a picture!

Somebody obviously doesn't care enough about her to trim her nails. That makes me so mad!

Bless you for taking her in. She looks like a sweet dear.

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