They would run us oughtta Jesus Maria


Seems that a "middle class neighborhood" in Lima, Peru, has passed an ordinance whereby apartment dwellers are only allowed to have one dog; detached home dwellers are allowed two. The reason? Barking dogs were decreasing quality of life in the neighborhood. And somehow, having fewer dogs in each home is going to fix that.

This would really piss me off if it didn't seem so patently ridiculous. I mean, I know there are various ways that people think it's OK for the government, at whatever level, to infringe on our lives, but this one seems particularly odd. Enough to turn a girl into a Libertarian.


Interesting. It actually seems like those sorts of laws/regulations are fairly common - e.g. I think many towns limit the number of pets you can keep, and certainly they limit the types of pets you can keep. I guess I'm not sure how this is different than ordinances that you can only have 12 or less cats, except maybe that the barking rational makes less sense.

What are your thoughts on those types of laws in general??

I would pay extra money to not have to live near babies or pets. That's the libertarian way!

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for extrapolating. It does seem that there should be a 'override' that allows rescuers and other responsible owners to keep more pets. Hm...

Are they citywide ordinances, or neighborhood association style laws?

I'm totally against neighborhood association rules, but I do think cities should be able to ban dogs from their city limits.

I can see why they'd want to prevent hoarders and suchlike (especially ones who don't take the dogs out to sh*t and don't clean it up off the floor!) but ime a dog with company is less likely to bark than a lonely dog. So only allowing one is not the best way of stopping barking.

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