Vintage Thingies Thursdays


The Apron Queen has a great meme called "Vintage Thingies Thursdays." Since I just thrifted some awesome vintage stuff, I thought I'd participate this week. I'm only going to show you one of my finds, in the hopes that I can use the others in future weeks:

pencil by number set

This is a Transogram Great Moments in American History pencil-by-number set, complete and still wrapped in plastic. I haven't been able to find it anywhere online, so I'm not sure what year it is from, but it looks like Transogram stopped operating in the early 1970s, so I'm thinking maybe mid-late 60s? Anyway, it is very cool. I'm tempted to rip it open to see the pencil-by-numbers inside, but have so far resisted. I got it for $.50 at the bins.


What a great little find! And super restraint at not ripping it open :)

I loved pencil by number and paint by number when I was a kid-thank you for sharing that.

That is SO cool! I had the paint by numbers set when I was little :-)

What a super thing to own! I love it...

That is the coolest thing ever! I can't believe you haven't opened it yet. Drink the kool-aid and open it! You know you want to! Then come share what was inside. :)

BEFORE you go ahead and open it, maybe you should do a little research and make sure that its not actually worth anything. Sometimes old junk like this, including old toys that you find in the original packaging, can be worth a little bit of money. Maybe not much, but it could be more than the $.50 you paid for it, especially to a collector or a museum.

Oh!!! Original package for
50 cents! Don't open it, it
is a great find! I can't wait
to see next weeks entry!
Welcome to VTT!

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