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It's Vintage Thingies Thursday again, hosted by the Apron Queen!


Today I give you "Imported Novelty Angels." I have no idea how old these are--the box isn't dated--but they are old enough for "imported" to be a good thing. They are incredibly cute, hand-carved and hand-painted, and though the box is worn, the angels themselves are in great shape (most of them were wrapped in what I take to be original tissue paper when I got them). The angels are another Goodwill find, and I believe they were $0.99. I actually bought them a couple of years ago and they have been hanging around amusing me since then.

If you have any idea what these are or from when, please leave a comment, I'd love to know!


very cute angels. I love goodwill finds. They are the best. I seem to remember my mom having something similar to these angels, but they were santa's and they dated back to the early 60's. Love your angels.

LOL they are great!!! I have never seen those before.

How cool


At Goodwill? Really? Great find!

The little angels are adorable. I don't remember ever seeing any like them before. I enjoy shopping at thrift stores, too. You can find treasures if you persevere.

What does it say on the left side of the box? I couldn't make it out on the Flickr picture. Something with NY? Try googling that and the number below it. Something may turn up. They really are a cute set of angels and what a bargain. :)

I heart them! :)

I would guess that they may be German, but it's just a guess. Maybe Swedish? I love vintage Christmas ornaments, and I really love the colors on those.

I have no idea what they are but they are so sweet. I cannot believe you picked them up for only .99 cents. What a steal.

I just happened upon your blog and these little angels. I remember them from my childhood. They are inspired by Danish or Swedish wooden figures and we had a few of these in the early sixties. I recall my parents coming home from a trip to the Netherlands with several similar dolls and ornaments but they weren't totally painted. These, I believe, were copies that were sold in places like the Akron (now defunct but similar to Pier 1). I had these, too, and loved them! Great find ... enjoy and bring them out every holiday.

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