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Today I bring you another vintage thingie mystery.

Mosa Maastricht small plates

What you see here is a set of five tiny (2" square maybe) plates I picked up the Bins for I think $0.15 each. They are stamped on the back with "Mosa Maastricht Plateel." While I have been able to confirm that Mosa is a Dutch ceramics manufacturer (and they made some really cute stuff, check out the Wilma design on this page), I haven't been able to find out what year these plates are from, or even what they are intended for. The look more than anything like a children's tea party set.

So once again, I bring the question to Vintage Thingee Thursdays participants--what are these? Are they vintage, or are they just cute?


I am sorry I can't help you with any info on the little plates, but I do think they are very pretty. Have a goodday. Take care.

These are probably butter pat dishes.

My Dutch husband thinks you might not be too far off with them being from a children's tea set. He also said that Mosa split and the section that made the porcelain stuff went bankrupt a while back. I hope you can figure out what they really are, they're darling.

Not sure what they might be, but they're sweet. Everything tiny is endearing. Except bugs. Definitely not bugs.

These are so pretty - love the colours in the floral design!

They are delightful and I think they're definitely vintage :)

The little plates are cake plates. I have the complete set (10 plates and a big one).
I inhereted them from my parents. They married in 1953 and the plates must have been produced in the same time.
What a coincidence! Last month (in a second hand shop) I saw and bought a vegetable dish and 8 dinner plates! So they're now flaunting in my cupboard in the kitchen.
I'm trying to collect more (but I never see them).

regards, Nina (from Holland)

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