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On today's travels through blogland, I landed upon the My Bento Diet blog, which in turn introduced me to the Prevention magazine weight loss simulator (basically the same deal as the virtual model you can use on some clothing websites). I am both in awe and in horror of this little gadget, so of course I had to share.

According to the tool, this is me at my starting weight (left), current weight (middle) and goal weight (right):
starting weightcurrent weightgoal weight

I hate to admit it, but I'm inspired.


See, I think they ALL look nice! The one thing about these simulators is that I can input my height/weight but the model doesn't look like me. Her breasts aren't where mine are and her belly/hips/thighs aren't ever as lumpy as mine are. If I could be the size of that first model and be as smooth as that in a swimsuit, I'd be thrilled! lol

You'll also become a sexy spanish lady in the process!

I typed in '50' as goal weight. The thing didn't comment on why someone who weighs 140 might want to get to that stage, and the model still looked healthy. Which I don't think an actual person of my height would be at 50lbs.

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