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I have been pretty busy for the past few days and haven't spent my usual couple of hours a day reading blogs. Because of this, I have a backlog of over 1,000 posts in my blog reader. As I start to read them, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorites with you. This, then, is a snapshot of my personal blog reading world:

On August 25, artsy-crafty babe showed off the scrap quilt she put together in just a few days. I shivered with jealousy. I so want to be able to quilt.

tiny happy always makes amazing stuff, which she sells on Etsy and showcases on her blog. Being an elephant freak, though, I am particularly gaga over the elephants she posted today (well, tomorrow, to me, but today in her time zone). I am keeping her Etsy shop bookmarked for the next birthday of my small friend living in Norway.

In another recent post, C10 over at 10 Cents wrote a Wednesday how-to on stopping unnecessary spending. Lots of a-ha for me there.

Bad Personal Ads is my new favorite blog. I laugh every day. My favorite so far? If You Date This Guy, Wear a Raincoat from August 29.

Big Fat Deal is a new addition to my blogroll, and I am loving it. Today mo pie introduces us to the "how not to shoot fat chicks" photography rules and why they are ridiculous, complete with Flickr pool. That's my kinda girl right there and I am totally going to add to that pool.

I love that Heather Anne has a beagle and talks about her at length. This post, though, from August 19, had me on the floor.

the park bench is another new addition to the blogs I read regularly. Even if I hated their content, I'd still read them on account of the tagline "a gathering place for nerdy women." On August 28, Liz wrote a great piece there about black holes, including this gem:

Of course, if some gigantic rift opens in the space-time continuum and scary dragons emerge, I'm pretty sure all we have to do is throw Sarah Michelle Gellar at it and things will be fine

Nothing gets me going like a Buffy reference...

I've told you before how much I love Pioneer Woman. The best thing about her blog, I think, is the amazing photos she takes and turns into photo-essay posts. More than once she has captured something that has viscerally made me miss the way I grew up. Her August 27 post about her suckling calf is the most recent example of the posts that induce my nostalgia.

It's no secret that Dooce is a good photographer. The picture she posted on August 19 of her dog Coco herding sheep, though, just killed me.

That's about it for my roundup. There are, of course, many many more posts I could include...but trying to read through 1,000+ entries has taught me a lesson for today about managability.

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