CONTEST: Why do you thrift?


Remember back in July when I had a thrifted finds contest? Well, I FINALLY found a suitable prize for the winner, The Shoppista. So, Shoppista, if you are reading this, watch your mail late next week for your truly fabulous prize. Let me know when it arrives and I'll post a picture of it, too.

Since I finally got that taken care of, I think it's time for another contest!

Since I've started reading more thrifting-focused blogs, I've not noticed many people writing about WHY they thrift. Do you shop secondhand mostly for economic reasons? Environmental? Because that's where you find things you like? Leave me a comment and tell me WHY you thrift, or better yet, write a post about it on your blog and leave a link in the comments. All commentors/linkers will be considered for the prize, which is another thrifted treasure!

Contest is open for one week, closing at 11:59PM on Friday, October 17.

Can't wait to see what you have to say!


So, I grew up not wearing regular clothes pretty much. I had a uniform, I was overcommitted in a million different organizations, so I wore a uniform all day and pajamas when I made it home. My parents are formal dressers, so I bought my first pair of jeans at 16.

Around this time I started to sneak off to the library and Goodwill. The Goodwill had clothes they didn't HAVE in regular stores. Clothes from other periods of time. Jeans built for a woman with an ass. FANCY THAT. Jeans that accentuated a "womanly figure," rather than hid it.

While I'd love to say I started thrifting because I am soooo into the environment, I did for teenage reasons: it was cheap and I had little money. It made me look different from everyone else. It connected me with a sense of history (fashion, cultural, social, economic histories). But most of all, it was one of the few places a girl of 16 could go, spend 2 dollars, and find a shirt that didn't make her feel like a freak for having boobs.

Although it's harder for me now to find things I like in thrift stores (due to the popularity of them, where I live, and my size), it still brings me an intense joy when I find a dress from a decade when it was normal to want to cover your ass crack. When clothes were not made for one generic body type almost no one is. From a time when popular culture rewarded heterosexual men for being sexually attracted to women who ate more than salad (really--I have the thrifted books to prove it!).

As for books, I thrift because it pains me to think that the more esoteric ideas of modern history might be destroyed only because we have printed them in lousy cheap editions that might fall through the cracks. No libraries are collecting this stuff--jello cookbooks, social etiquette manuals, general fiction that woudl tell us about the people who read it. So while it's still around I should read it before the victors (i.e. better sellers) write the history books.

For history! That's why I thrift.

Ha! Hi Grace! Funny you ask this, because I just left a detailed comment on Apron Thrift G's - if she gets tired of shopping and stuff?
I guess I'm in a season where I don't want more stuff, trying to simplify!
Fun visiting you.

I thrifted originally because of cost. I later thrifted because of the environment. Now I do a lovely mix of both.

I shop thrift because its economical.

Hmmm .... why do I thrift? Mostly for economical reasons ... if I spend less to clothe myself/children, I won't have to work extra, can spend time and money on other things, like crafts with the kids, etc. It does end up to be much more 'green' as well -- we have a 'family Goodwill'. Clothing/housewares/etc gets passed to my MILs house, and she will call family members she thinks can benefit. Instead of shopping, my oldest daughter just scored some major fun finds at Grandmas ... dresses, skirts, wallets, etc.

I don't wear blue jeans, and my taste in colors and cuts aren't available at most places. American Apparel would be fine, except they don't stock pants that will fit around my thighs.

This gives me two options: spend a lot of money that I don't have on expensive and sometimes custom made pants, or go to a thrift store.

The nice thing about thrift/vintage stores is that they allow you to shop for a much wider variety of colors/cuts of clothing - thrift shops are like repositories of fashion's past.

Men's fashion tends to be much more conservative and limited, so in order to have any control over what you're wearing, you need to have more than a few seasons available to you. Thrift and vintage stores are about the only places that offer that at anything resembling an affordable price.

Hi Grace,

Honestly? The main reason that I shop thrift is because I love the thrill of the chase. It's the same reason why I LOVE yardsaling. I love to find something that someone else has deemed worthless but I secretly know is a treasure.

Also I'm frugal. REALLY frugal. If I can get something for cheaper, then I'm all over it.

Lastly, environmental.... I just feel like if there's a way that I can even stop PART of something that's in a thrift store from going to waste... then I've done a good thing. That's why I try to reuse in my handcrafts as much as possible, even if it's just a small piece of it.

Take care,

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