Getting in to what you can't get out of


As you know, we have dogs and cats. As many people who have both species know, dogs, in general, find the contents of litter boxes endlessly fascinating and enticing. Which is, to put it mildly, nasty. In order to combat this problem, we keep our litter boxes in our laundry room and we keep the dogs out of the laundry room with a baby gate that the cats can easily jump over but the beagles are thwarted by (our bigger dogs, thankfully, have no interest in the cat boxes, as they could jump the gate if they wanted to).

Except that Huey the big-ass beag has learned to dislodge the gate somehow. One evening last week, we came home to find the gate down, cat litter all over the floor, and the top to one of the cat boxes missing.

Then we saw this.

stuck huey from the back

That, folks, is a beagle with not just his head, but his entire upper body (including both front legs) stuck in the cat box lid.

Once we got up off the floor and our hysterical laughter subsided, we tried to get it off of him. But not before we took some more pictures.

stuck huey 2

stuck huey

As it turned out, he was well and truly stuck--we couldn't work the box lid off him and had to cut him out of it. He clearly hadn't been like that very long, though, as he wasn't all that agitated and he didn't have any abrasions or anything from trying to get out of it himself. So no danger. Just the funny.


OMG that's hilarious! Rascal loved kitty boxes also. We haven't had one since we lost our last cat but he's a pro at sniffing them out.

PS. Grace, I love that tile!

OMG That is hilarious.

Too funny! That first photo of him lying on the floor, he seems to be thinking, "While we're bothering with all of this, how about you just scratch my tummy for a while?"

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