Goodwill, 10/17/08


I'm refocusing on paying down debt. As you know if you've been reading here long, I've been making a major effort towards debt pay down since January, but in the last couple of months I've flaked a bit, and I am now trying to get back into it. Hence the new focus on reading frugality and debt reduction blogs. One thing I've noticed from those blogs is that accountability is key. People really seem to be helped by writing their spending down.

You know where this is going, right?

I promise not to post every time I buy a cup of coffee. However, actual shopping trips I'm going to be coming clean about for awhile.

Tonight I went to the bins:

goodwill 101708

My purchases, as seen above, are (from top left): a cute blue floral knee length skirt that I didn't need, but will wear ($1.25), four pink linen napkins on which I am hoping to embroider for gifts ($.0.25 each); a quilted Vera Bradley picture frame that appears to be new and I plan to gift ($0.50); a black cardigan sweater that I really did kind of need and will definitely wear ($1.25); two appertif glasses Mark specifically asked me to keep an eye out for ($0.25 each); a white milk glass mug that I am going to use for a shaving set I'm swapping ($0.25).

Total: $4.75 + 8.25% tax = $5.15. I paid cash from my $100 cash allowance for the rest of the month.

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