Goodwill, 10/21/08


Self, I said to myself as I drove to the bins. You are going to be more responsible with your thrifting. You are going to only buy things you actually need, you're going to go with a budget, and you are only going once a week, so make it count.

I went on to tell myself, in a very strict voice, that I was not going to spend more than $15, that I was looking for long sleeved shirts, mugs for shaving sets, and stuffed animals without plastic eyes for dog toys, and that I was not to come home with any bath products of any kind, any sleeveless shirts, any skirts, or any fabric.

goodwill 102108

What you see here is as follows:

  • Three plastic eye-less stuffed animals for the dogs, $0.75 each

  • Seven tops for me, five of which have sleeves, $1.25 each

  • Three sections of upholstery fabric, $1.25 each

  • Four mugs, $0.50 each

  • An adorable hand knitted frog, $0.50

  • A blank dieter's journal, $0.50

  • An unopened Origins pick-me up set, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, facial mist, lotion, foot lotion, etc. (maybe from an airline?), $1.00

  • Two vintage perfume bottles, $0.39 each

Not pictured is a very nice beagle sized dog bed, barely used, for which I paid $3. So my total before tax was $22.53. With tax, $24.39.

Obviously I didn't obey all my rules. The stuffed animals, sleeved tops, and mugs were all fine. The sleeveless tops should have stayed there. The upholstery fabric is actually fine, as I've been looking for a section of that type of fabric to recover an ottoman, so it does have a purpose, but I should have only bought one section of it, not three. The hand-knitted frog wasn't on the list, but I'm never going to turn down something that cute and handmade for $0.50. The dieter's journal wasn't on the list either, but I plan to remake it as a Christmas gift, and for $0.50, that's a bargain. The Origins set was supposed to be an absolute no-no, but I've brought it to work to live, and I really can use it here--I've been wanting to freshen up after lunch recently. The vintage perfume bottles were another thing I couldn't pass up--I plan to fill them with my own concoctions and either gift them or use them myself. The dog bed was fine--those are always needed by the rescue and are not cheap new. And I went over my allocated budget by about $10. Which is, unsurprisingly, about the value of the stuff I bought that wasn't on my list/needed.

What can I say. It's a work in progress.

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