In which I become a debt reduction blogger


I'm actually not really going to become a debt reduction blogger, any more than I am going to become a dog blogger or a thrift blogger or a craft blogger. I don't want multiple blogs (aside from Heroine Content, obviously), so this blog just has to be all things to all people. Or all things to me, anyway. I actually have a couple of long term projects I am thinking through rolling out here in the future, though, so you may be seeing a bit more method to my madness.

In the meantime, though, I am focusing, personally, on debt reduction. So you're going to hear about that. It's amazing, once you start looking, how many great frugality and simplicity and debt reduction blogs you can find. The ones that have made to my Google reader so far are:

  • We Don't Buy It: A blog about a family's attempt to spend a year without purchasing anything new.

  • 10 Notes: The blog of a SAHM chronicling her day-to-day attempts at frugality and natural living.

  • Walk Slowly, Live Wildly: Sara's personal blog. Sara and her family have spent the last year living in a vegetable oil fueled RV, traveling around the country talking about sustainability and natural living, and she's an inspiration. You can also read about her and her family's adventures at The Live Lightly Tour.

  • beauty that moves: One of my favorite blogs, beauty that moves features crafts, recipes, simple living ideas, and gorgeous photographs.

  • Almost Frugal: Kelly tags her blog, Almost Frugal, as "frugality for the rest of us," and I love this ethos. Reading Kelly, I feel like we're on the same journey.

  • Debt Diet: Debt Diet is the chronicles of a couple trying to pay down their consumer debt. They started over a year ago with over $50,000 in debt, and they update their progress in paying it down, as well as their struggles, on their blog. I think it's an incredibly brave thing to do and I salute them.

  • Frugal Veggie Mama: Her title doesn't lie! Frugal Veggie Mama is a blog about being an eco-conscious, frugal, vegetarian mother.

  • Gail's Blog: One of the few "financial expert" type blogs I read, I find Gail's Blog to do an excellent job walking the "tough but not preachy" line.

  • Living Without Money: On her blog, Ms. A leads us through her day-to-day life, trying to live well inexpensively. Though I disagree with many of the choices she makes, she's an entertaining writer and has some great ideas.

  • Notes from the Frugal Trenches: A Downshifting Journey: This is another blog to which I can relate--it's the story of a British woman in her late 20s who decides to get out of debt and change the way she's living, and her teaching herself to focus on what is really important, stop shopping mindlessly, and spend less.

  • Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op: This is a new cooperative blog, featuring the work of some of the other bloggers on my list (Notes from the Frugal Trenches and beauty that moves in particular). It focuses on how to downshift and be more frugal in increasingly precarious financial times.

  • SouleMama: SouleMama is another really inspirational blog, full of beautiful photographs and the words of someone for who simple, frugal, crafty living is obviously really working.

  • The Lean Green Family: I actually read about this blog in a magazine article in Business Week or some similarly unlikely publication. It's the story of an upper-middle class family who decides to stop their typical debt-ridden ways and get frugal.

Honestly, that's just a very small sampling of what is out there. The blogrolls of nearly any of those blogs will lead you to several more good ones--and I'm going to be filling out my reading list that way over the next few weeks.

Now, I actually have my first frugality tip! Coming from me, frugality tips are bound to be very elementary. I am an elementary frugalist. But we all have to start somewhere, right? So here's one of the things I've started with lately:

Use what you have. Seem simple, right? But I think a lot of us have a category of products we just really like to buy, and we tend to "stock up" on those. For me, it's bath stuff. I don't wear makeup or expensive perfume or hair care products, but I love handmade and natural soaps, lotions, etc. And over the years, I've bought a lot of them. I'd say currently there are no fewer than 15 bars of artisan soap at my house, and at least a half dozen tubs or bottles of lotion. And that's just the full-sized stuff, I also have tons of samples. So my pledge now is to use up all of what I have before I buy any more of these things. Not much, but it's a start, right?


I highly second your tip. Even if it does mean I'll spend about 3 more months hating my toothpaste! However, it's funny how that sort of stuff can slowly pile up - I've only been in the same country for 14 months and I've built up quite a supply already!

I'm also new to personal finance blogging. I look forward to reading your blog and thanks for the list. There are a few on here that I haven't seen before.

Wow, those are awesome. I've added about 4 to my reader also! Thanks for the links, Grace.

Dear Grace,
Thanks for the mention! I'm glad you enjoy reading my work. Sometimes I feel like I'm really not very good at being frugal... I'm glad I'm not alone. Thanks as well for the links to the other blogs- I knew about very few of these, so I'm looking forward to exploring them.

Thanks so much for the link!

One small thing, it's just me, I'm not a couple, just a single 39 year old gal doing it on her own!

Thanks for the kind mention! Your tip is one of the best out there :)

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