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I have slowly been accumulating a list of blogs featuring thrifted finds and thrifing information and stories, but I've yet to find a real comprehensive list of these blogs anywhere, or a circle of them or anything, so I thought maybe I'd do anybody who was doing the same search I was a favor and put up a list of what I've found. This is by no means comprehensive, so if you have or read a blog I haven't listed here, please leave a comment and I'll add it!

  • Ann's Treasure Box: this blog features Ann-Marie's thrifted finds and homemade creations. She also sells her finds on the site.
  • Apron Thrift Girl: This blog is a great combo of thrifting, swapping, frugality thought and tips, crafty stuffy (l love her menu planning pages), and great design. Apron Thrift Girl is also the mastermind behind the $99 Thrift Challenge, which I think is pretty much the sweetest thing ever.
  • Confessions of an Apron Queen: You may already know this blog as the host of my favorite weekly blog event "Vintage Thingies Thursday." Aside from VTT, though, it also features a great pin-up girl inspired blog design, an excellent recipe section, and an occasional drool-worthy antiquing photo journal. PLUS she gives away vintage aprons every week. For real.
  • freshvintage: Colleen's blog features the great stuff she finds, mostly at garage and estate sales, outside Philadelphia. She clearly has both a good eye and the requisite good luck.
  • lala-on-the-gogo is the personal blog of thrift webside goddess Lala (Thriftland: One Girl's Adventures in Secondhand Shopping). You should check out both of them.
  • My Thrifting Finds is a newish blog featuring photographs of my online pal Tilia's thrifted finds.
  • Thrift Candy: this blog features both blog owner Missa's original thrifts and her favorite picks from Flickr's 100% Thrifted and Nifty Thrift pools. She describes herself as a "kid in a candy store" and it comes through in her positive and fun (though stylistically very plain) blog.
  • The Thrift Shopper isn't so much a blog as a thifting information page, review site, and community.
  • Thrifting in Oblivion is a how-to blog about thrifting in the Southwest US (particularly the New Orleans area). It features photographed trips to thrift stores and salvage yards, thrifting tips, etc.
  • Thrifty Goodness: a combo craft and thrifting blog.
  • Queen of Fifty Cents uses her blog mainly to chronicle her Saturday morning garage sale and estate sale adventures. They're worth reading.


Thanks for the list!
I've been wondering where all the thrifters were.
Maybe I'll be motivated to post more myself.

I love reading about all of your thrifting! I am so lost about how to do it myself, though. It's such a pain to go to a normal store with my girls, where I can walk in, grab what I want, and walk out. How could I possibly dig through anything with them in tow? Sigh. Maybe some day! Anyways, I will live vicariously through you :)

p.s. my friend Stephanie is in to thrifting, and though she doesn't have a devoted thrifting blog, she does talk about it quite a bit. You can find her at

I just started my "Thrift" blog today, I would like to be added to your list please.

Here's some more: is my blog with thrift and estate sale finds as well as crafting, repairing and sustainable living topics
has good style ideas as well as vintage finds
aka Monkeybox. garage sale finds and various adventures.
cool finds, recipes and sustainable living topics such as raising chickens

Please add these to the list!

Great list! I hadn't run across some of these, so thanks a bunch.

My friend Brian has an amazing blog called Manic Thrift Store Shopper.

Also, I'm one of the bloggers behind Thrifted Sisters.

Thanks for the links. I also love thrifting and hearing about other thrifting finds.

I love thrift blogging and reading other people's blogs about thrift shopping. I wish there was more of a community atmosphere around it. I own and would love to be included in the list!

here is my thrifting blog!

Would love for you to check out my thrift-fashion/thrifting trends/thrifting runway blog.

THANKS! This list was GREAT.


Hi my name is Lindsey and I write a blog called Thrift and Shout. It is a blog about fashion and home decor found at thrift stores. I would love for you to come check out my blog and see if it would be a valuable addition to your list! Thanks so much!

I love to thrift and I'm not new to blogging, but have recently started a new blog for the topic as well. Would love to be added to list though I realize I'm a newbie!

Thanks! I've started a thrift blog (fairly recently) and have been trying to connect with some of the wonderful people that blog the same stuff. There are a few on your list that I haven't come across yet! Will check them out. :)

Angela @Whatcha Find?

Thanks so much for listing some thrifting blogs that I haven't visited! I started a blog a couple of months ago about my LOVE for thrifted items! Check it out..

Thanks for bringing thrifter blogs on one page...please add mine as well.

Please add my link, if you think it's a decent blog " "

This is great! I just started a blog on my thrift finds

Love to be a part of the thrifting community! Please add my page to your collection!

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