Update on reed diffusers


Several readers have asked for an update on how my homemade reed diffusers work. Now that we've had them for a few weeks, I feel like I can honestly answer that question.

They do work, but they aren't as strong or long-lasting as the commercial ones. In part, I suspect this is because of my not using chemical perfumes or scent enhancement, but I think it's also because I was too cheap and skimpy with the EOs. It makes sense that something that you are using to fragrance a whole room would need to be more concentrated that a bath product would, but I didn't really think about that to begin with, or at least didn't realize how much more concentrated they would need to be. So when I make them again, I'll use more EO in each one.

The ones with the added alcohol have, as expected, evaporated much more quickly than the oil-only ones, which have hardly evaporated at all. Since I don't notice much of a difference between the two formulas when it comes to scent, I will probably do all-oil in the future, just because it looks nicer in the bottle and will last longer.

Lastly, I made a silly mistake with the ones I made that you shouldn't repeat if you do this project--when I was cutting the bamboo skewers, I cut the in that went in the bottle not very carefully. They are crooked and jagged. I figured it didn't matter, since you couldn't see them. However, given that you have to flip the reeds periodically to make these diffusers work, that was a stupid oversight.

All in all, though, I'd call this project a success.

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