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Hello Vintage Thingies Thursday-ites! I missed you last week!

I actually have some new vintage finds that I need to get photographed so I can share them, but as I haven't gotten there yet, this week I'm going to share one of my first vintage thrift collections.

pie plates

What you see here (I think) is a set of early 1970s pie plates, with the recipes for the pies written on the plates themselves. This is actually only part of the set of these I've collected--I think there are 8 in all. Does anybody remember having these when they were new? I asked my mom, but they weren't familiar to her. I love the look of them, especially the cherry one. Plus I'm a big pie-maker, so they get occasional use.

I got the whole collection of these at the Goodwill, for I think around $2 each. They had very dusty plate hangers on them, so they had been on someone's wall. No decorative uses for me, though--PIE!


Oh my goodness! Yes, I remember my mom having one of those. I don't know where it is now...If I see any that you're missing in my shopping ventures :^), I'll get it and send it your way!

This is my first time participating and I already LOVE it! What fun! Thanks for coming to see me!

Very nice indeed. I love finding things like that. I am sitting out on VTT this week, I did not get my post done in timeā€¦.wanted to stop by and say hello.

This are neat pie plates! I hope you can find the other 4 =)

We had those, and I love them.

I'm drooling!

I saw some pans like this recently at a thrift store here, but I think they were a slightly newer version. I also just saw a new version at the chain grocery store I go to. Apparently I am being haunted by recipe-bottomed pie pans!

I remember those and I think I've still got a couple :)

yum--Pie is our family's favorite desert.

I know that this post is 4 years old, but I found it through a search engine for these plates! Two weeks ago, my mom gave me a cherry one that had been a wedding present to my parents 28 years ago, and the very next day I found an apple on at a thrift store. It is now my mission to find 2 more to put up in my kitchen. I haven't had any luck so far, though! :o(

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