Vintage Thingies Thursday: Royal Dove Perfume Bottle


Today's VTT find is a new one--I just thrifted it at the bins on Tuesday evening (for the low bargain price of $0.39). It was in a bin with a bunch of empty modern perfume bottles (Clinque's Happy and Elizabeth Arden's Red Door were among them), as well as a few vintage bottles in less great condition.

dove perfume bottle

It's an empty bottle, once containing Avon's Delagar Royal Dove perfume. The sticker on the bottom says that it was made in New York in 1960. There is still a faint perfume smell (nothing I'd want to wear), but isn't the condition of the bottle amazing? It's clear glass at the bottom and the dove is frosted pink glass.

My plan for this is to carefully clean it out, then fill it with my essential oil blend, either for my own use or to give as a gift. The bottle is just too great to not be in use, especially given that it's nearly 50 years old.


You were so lucky to find that beautiful vintage perfume bottle.

Beautiful bottle. My mom used to sell Avon and has a collection of their perfume bottles.

I had this bottle of perfume when I was a kid - but the bird was blue. Very pretty!

That is really pretty and you're right, it needs to be used.

So sweet and pretty! Love these little treasures!

Great find, I like it! Check
Ebay too, these Avon bottles are highly collectable. If it's worth a nice amount I would sell it if I were you. :-)


Love the perfume bottle!
I love the pink color it would look great displayed,
so pretty and great price!

That is not a fifty year old bottle! I have one exactly the same from the eighties produced by Delagar Products of Rouses Point, New York, NOT by Avon. It is called Royall Doves. It was bought by me in a drug store, and still has some very pleasant cologne in it that I like and would wear, if I could find another.

i found one of these bottle with full bottle strong..not for me. whats it worth?

I have 2 of these bottles one is blue the other is purple. The purple one is a full bottle of perfume.

It wasn't the best smelling stuff when new and as it has aged time has done nothing for it. But the bottles are lovely!

I have two of these bottles, still full of perfume. The bottles are in excellent condition. I was happy to find info. on them. I didn't know it was Avon. The bottom says...Delagar Royal Dove. I love the bottles, valuable or not.

I have an owl soap dish that I kept from my Mothers things when she passed away last month. I kept it because she always had it at the sink. When I saw Delagar on the back, I decided to look it up. Thanks for posting your finds. Now I know it Avon. :)

I have that bottle, but the bird is purple and it still has perfume in it

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