Goodwill, 11/05/08


I didn't find anything amazing today, nor is this a great picture, but since there are some readers who have expressed interest (and indeed, to keep me honest), here's the yield from tonight's Bins trip.

goodwill 110508

In this photo, you see:

  • One patchwork sari-esque throw, from World Market, $2. Now resides over the back of the leather chair in my living room, for the purposes of deterring cat scratches on leather.

  • Two yards of green and white toile fabric with a ship/island theme, $2. No good reason for buying this.

  • Two small (antique?) tin angel candle holders for a Christmas tree, $0.25 each

  • A small metal meat tenderizing mallet for Mark, $0.25

  • Four handmade items of children's clothing--a smock, a jumper, a reversible vest, and an apron, intended for my small friend Y.'s Christmas present, $1.25 each

  • Four new cotton print Cost Plus napkins, always useful at my house (we go through lots), $0.50 each

  • Two new looking and I think handmade U Florida Christmas stockings. These are going to be filled w/ homemade treats and given to my Florida alum neighbors for Christmas, $0.50 each

  • A pair of new looking Old Navy wide leg jeans for me, $1.25

  • A sleevless Merona no-seam undershirt in army green, for me, $1.25

Total spend, including sales tax: $16.51


Great finds! What's that with the red/pink/purple flowers? I love the colors and the print!!

PS: posted the Dutch apple pie recipe yesterday on my blog. :-)

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